luni, 17 octombrie 2011

The Washington Post about Hungary ’s Viktor Orban lack of appetite for democracy

October 2011

Usual stuff for Viktor Orban „cracking down on the media, curbing the independence of the judiciary, attacks on minorities and a drift toward one-party rule” is to create tensions in the US-Hungary relationship, the Washington Post writes.

Since 2010, US is sending more and more messages that Orban’s style to push Hungary into etreme nationalism is not welcomed into Washington . On the other side, the Hungary ’s primeminister seems not to understand any message…

July 2010
The Washington Post about Hungary's leader habit to embrace 1930s-style nationalism and anti-Semitism.
The Washington Post is publishing an article about „Orban's habit of catering to Hungary 's extreme right, which still embraces 1930s-style nationalism and anti-Semitism”.
The extreme measures agains media, minorities and the bad realtion with the neighbouring countries in made Viktor Orban a persona non grata in Washington last time he served as Hungary 's prime minister. Now he is doing it again…

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