miercuri, 27 aprilie 2011

Hungarian Government urged to stop the Etno business fenomenon that lead to the ethnic assimilation of the Romanians in Hungary

This month, a delegation of the Comission of Foreign Affairs of the Senate of Romania, lead by its president Titus Corlatean, visited the Hungarian counterparts in Budapest, according to Romanian Global News (http://www.rgnpress.ro/categorii/politic/1326-oficialii-maghiari-socati-ca-o-delegatie-romana-le-spune-adevarul-in-fata.html).

With this occasion Titus Corlatean reminded that there are significant problems related to the Romanian minority in Hungary, problems that are not solved by the Hungarian authorities for 15-17 years.

In Hungary, Romanian minority do not benefit of parliamentary representation (in Romania on the contrary, the Hungarian minority benefit significant parliamentary and government representation, plus 18 other ethnic minorities that benefit a seat in the Parliament).

Also, the education in the mother tongue of Romanians in Hungary is not proper, the Romanian Ortodox Church in Hungary is not recognized as a historic church, and the statue of the metropolitan bishop Andrei Şaguna in Jula (Gyula) is not located yet.

The problem of ethno-business continues “to contribute” to the ethnic assimilation of the Romanians in Hungary, by allowing Hungarians to declare themselves Romanians and lead the self-governing commities of the Romanian communities in Hungary. This situation is allowed by the Hungarian authorities, althogh there have been many signals from the Romanian side that this situation is not acceptable.

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